My love of miniatures started early. As a child I had tiny articulated handmade teddy bears whom I made clothes for and wrote tiny books for. By the time I was in high school, I was skipping out of calculus to spend more time in the jewelry studio. After a brief stint in pre-med, my Dad’s idea, I transferred to Parsons School of Design in NYC and, as they say, the rest is history.

In 1993 I was honored to be chosen by the American Jewelry Design Council as New Designer of the Year, and made my debut at the Jewelers of America show in New York City. I started selling my jewelry to galleries around the country and even overseas. This went swimmingly for a while, but the economy tanked and many galleries closed and I turned my sights to juried art shows. This turned out to be a great thing! I love traveling around the country, getting to meet my customers face to face, and getting to know the whole tribe of artists who make their living this way. These shows also have awards and I have been lucky enough to be singled out more than a few times. I take childish delight in the ribbons!

In 2018, I moved to Ocala in central Florida, lured by a big pool and an even bigger studio, surrounded by almost an acre of lush tropical foliage.I find serenity and inspiration right in my own back garden. I am also very close to Silver Springs, where Tarzan and Moonraker were filmed, to name just two. I frequently kayak down the tranquil estuaries, sighting manatees, monkeys, alligators and a multitude of birds.

When I design jewelry, I try to coalesce all the beauty I see into pieces that will pass on the feeling of joy I get from the world around me.