The Planal line emphasizes contrast. Through a natural process called oxidation, silver turns black. Heat guilding is a process in which sterling silver is heated to a point that the fine silver comes to the surface causing it to look white. These pieces are first sandblasted, preparing the canvas, so to speak, and then either oxidized to matt black, or heat guilded to matt white. The edges are then high polished to create contrast. These pieces are the equivalent of a pin striped suit; sharp and stylish.

planal mist necklace
Mist Necklace
pangolin bracelet
Pangolin Bracelet
mist bracelet
Mist Bracelet
opera earring
Opera Earring
Planal Mist Earring
Mist Earring
planal hoop earring
Planal Hoop Earring
Pearl Frill Earring
Pearl Frill Earring
sunburst studs
Sunburst Studs
sunburst cufflink
Sunburst Cufflink

Pearl Frill Necklace

Anemone Pin
Anemone Pin

Snowflake Omega
Pangolin Pendant

Paisley Gold Earring
Paisley Earring
trumpet earring
Trumpet Earring
duet earring
Duet Earring
  cup earring
Cup Earring